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    How to Change Fabric on Sofa to a solid colour from a pattern


      Hi All


      I am trying to change the fabric on a sofa from a pattern to a solid colour. I know how to change the colour on objects that start from a solid colour but I am really struggling to change the colour if the starting image is in a pattern. Please see attached example. alex-swivel-a.jpg


      I would like to make this a solid brown colour but keeping the detail such as highlights/shadows, grooves in the pillows etc. Usually I would apply a pattern overlay and change the blending mode to Multiply... however this shows the pattern from the original image.... I don't want this. I just want a solid colour.


      Please help.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          With a change as drastic as that you may have to get the brushes out and paint it.


          In the example below I masked the chair and clipped a brown color fill layer to it.


          I then used a layer set to luminosity and painted on the shading by using the pen tool to select each area in turn (e.g the cushion , the seat etc)  filling with 50% gray then painting with black/white  and using a large soft brush to give the shape and shadows




          Hope that helps