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    Resizing an image from 320 to 640 (Photoshop CC)

    josephr19774008 Level 1

      Hi, I have a quick question, and I really don't get why this happens. I have a photoshop fill with a few layercomps. Everything is aligned perfectly when you switch through the different layercomps. Now here's where it gets weird, and I'm not sure why this happens. I proportionally increase the width of the design from 320px to 640px. The current layercomp that is selected is increased perfectly, but the second I choose a different layercomp things shift. If I click back to the original one it's shifted as well now. Now everything is aligned, but positioned incorrectly. So if I do an export "Layercomps to files" it's all messed up. Anyone know how to stop this, or why it's doing that? Is this a bug in photoshop?


      My temp solution is just to do the image size increase 1 by 1 and save them out 1 by 1. Definitely a pain when you have a lot of different layercomps.


      Thanks for your help!