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    Automate the Process of Making White Backgrounds on Product Photos


      I find myself stuck in a repetitive task of opening up product photos to do a very simple process which I have not been able to automate properly using the ACTIONS.

      Process goes as follows.

      I open up 100 product photos that I'll be editing their background to white. Once all the files load I'll press Command+L shortcut to open up the LEVELS adjustment. I will then click on the far right dropper icon that says "sample in image to set white point".

      Next is to click on the lower right corner of the photo which was taken on a pure white matte background. This sets the levels very nicely so that the entire background is white.

      Next is hit enter. Then Command+S to save the file, Command+w to close the file and move on to the next image.


      Very simple process, and if I record an ACTION doing what I do, the dropper will not repick the color sample from the lower right corner of the new photo. It will just set the white point to the previous images white point settings.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


      All photos of products have a white lower right corner, so I was hoping there was a way of telling photoshop to select the "white point sampler" and pick a point from around the bottom right corner of the photo each time it runs the action.