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    CS6 and Epson Scanner-Creates Extra File?


      I have an iMac 27" Retina running Sierra with CS6.  I just got a new Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner.  All seems to be going well so far, except for one irritating occurrence.  When I use CS6 to import from the scanner, that works, I get an open image in PS.  However, a separate image and created and saved as a PDF in my Documents folder.  Since I am importing into CS6 to create my image file, I don't want the extra file created.


      I have found nothing in Epson software to adjust this.  I called Epson Tech Support and they said it was Photoshop creating the file and they don't support 3rd party software.  My gut feeling is that this is an Epson issue, but I'm not sure.


      Anyone have any ideas about this?