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    Integration of Lightroom with Muse?

    JKayten Level 1

      Why is this not yet the case?  It's been on the agenda it seems for at least 4 years.   I find no tutorials of any real use anywhere.  It's as if the idea seldom comes up.  I can output an image from LR as a smart object to then edit in PS and from there I can output a number of image sizes for an optimized website.   Why can't the same smart object be placed in a MUSE site that then would create pre-specified web sized images. 


      Is there such a workflow I'm missing?  Can such a thing be done with the actions approach?

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          because Adobe bc is not yet set up for it... in fact the web options that was in Lightroom have been pasted by but you could;

          • make and publish a Muse site to Adobe bc (temp or full launch)
          • make whatever web design you need in lightroom and export the files as html to a folder on your local machine
          • use Dreamweaver to download a local copy of the muse site to a folder... add you lightroom files to that folder... then upload the lot back up to Adobe bc

          or ask Adobe to get around to it

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            JKayten Level 1

            Right.  It's not that adobe couldn't make this happen, it's just low priority.  It seems to me the functionality of the 'generate' assets function in PS could easily be implemented in LR.

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