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    LR CC 2015.8 does not create catalog.


      I just reinstalled LR on a new PC running windows. LR starts normally & imports & exports ok. However, when I exit LR it closes immediately & does not ask if I want to save to a catalog. Later, when I restart LR my pics show the state after the last edit & the edit history is there but all the sliders are reset. When I select a random history line the image changes to reflect the state at that point but the sliders stay reset. I'm sure this a catalog issue but I would like some help to solve it.a

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          First topic- 'Backup Catalog'

          Open the Catalog settings from the Menu: {>Edit>Catalog Settings... }  (or press CTRL+ALT+, )

          Change the option-


          Sliders reset?

          I do not see the same problem with sliders being reset to default '0'.  If this were so then all the 'Global' adjustments should also be reset on the image currently being viewed in the Develop module.

          Unlikely but- Is it possible you still have a Local Adjustment Tool still in the active state when you re-open the image in Develop? The tool may have its sliders at '0' with the tool (brush) panel fully open or condensed.


          If problem persists, the common advice is to reset the Preferences file (by re-naming or deleting)

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            snoopcat Level 1

            I just checked on my LR & yes indeed, the sliders do not change when I click on a history line but the image reflects the line. Maybe, as you say, the Local adjustment tool is in the active state. Could you explain in a little more detail how to reset the preferences file. I don't have any projects cooking now so any edits I lose are not catastrophic.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Your edits are stored in the Catalog file  (xxxx,LRCAT). Deleting the Preferences file does not destroy your edits.

              You will however need to know the catalog location to re-open it. All the steps are in this link- read carefully.

              Recover catalog and images after resetting preferences in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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                snoopcat Level 1

                I changed catalog settings to "every time LR exits." It had been on monthly B\U. I then went to a random pic, made some edits, saved the catalog, exited LR, Opened it again, checked the edits & they were not 0 this time. The were on the proper values. Selecting a history line changed the settings. Everything seems ok. Why would anyone use the monthly backup option if it causes these problems? I think I'm cool for now if u feel that's a proper solution.. Thanks.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It shouldn't be necessary for you to "save" the catalog in order to have it retain your adjustments because adjustments are recorded in the catalog as they are made. Something else must have gone awry, but I don't know what it was. I have Lightroom configured to back up on a weekly basis. Whenever I start Lightroom it opens to the state I was in previously and all adjustments are in place as expected.

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                    DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

                    Lightroom edit changes are made immediately to the Catalog as you perform them. You do not need to save these edits when you exit Lightroom.

                    The backup of the Catalog when you are exiting is to copy a zipped file of the Catalog to a specific location on a different HDD so you can recover this file if the original Catalog file become corrupt or the disk where it is located fails.

                    When you exit Lightroom it should return you to where you were when you shut down the program.

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                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                      I agree with Jim's comments above.  And DdeGannes just posted before me

                      "Backup the catalog" creates an exact copy of the catalog that you are closing down.

                      With recent versions of Lr the backup copy is placed in a .ZIP file format.

                      Ideally this backup must be located on a hard drive physically separate from the working catalog. Check YOUR location! Do not have the Backups folder in the same folder as the working catalog!

                      You should never need to use or look at a backup catalog unless the working catalog becomes corrupt (or 'big' mistakes have been made)

                      With B/U set as 'Every time Lr exits' you can quickly fill up the Backup location, but these B/Us can be selectively deleted with the operating system (keep a few at least), or you can "Skip" a backup if you have not made changes to the open library catalog.

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                        snoopcat Level 1

                        I just read the comments after my last post & they make more sense than my premature conclusion that monthly backups were causing the problem. I agree with JumHess that something must have gone awry. In the past I built up a huge number of folders doing the B/U each time I closed down. Doing it weekly & understanding that the catalog is tewaked "on the fly' fits in better with my experience with LR. Something was corrupted & creating a new catalog solved the problem. This info has been hugely helpful.

                        Thanks to all

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                          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                          Are you working with RAW files or some other type like JPGs or TIFFs?