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    Device Ready not working with iPad mini IOS 10.2.1

    stephens28880304 Level 1

      I am using phonegap build and deviceready works fine on Android Phone's and tablets (running 4.4.2)  and my iPhone 4S (running IOS 9.1 - I did not update to latest)


      However it acts differently with an iPad mini running IOS 10.2.1.  What happens is the device is never ready and as soon as I hit the button to put the app in the background, the device is ready.  When I open it again, it then continues to login and run.  This is consistant.


      I'm not sure what would cause it to act differently.


      I know you can set a  listener for pause and resume and I am not using them, just deviceready which appears to act like pause.


      from Phonegap build:

      PhoneGap (iOS / Android / Windows)
      cli-6.3.0 (4.2.0 / 5.2.1 / 4.4.1)


      This is my first project and I hoping to get it into the Android and Apple app stores shortly. 


      Any thoughts?