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    Session Invalid after Coldfusion11 upgrade



      We upgraded to coldfusion11. Our application is overlayed with in cfusion.war. And we bundled two more web modules(module2.war, module3.war) in the same cfusion.ear.

      we share the session from cfusion.war to module2.war by using include method, this worked before the upgrade. After the upgrade the session is not carried over to the module2.war.


      RequestDispatcher rd = null;

        rd = context.getContext("/module2").getRequestDispatcher("/WEB-INF/LoginServlet");

        rd.include(req, resp);


      LoginServlet of module2.war saves the session

      setSessionAttribute(session, SessionConstants.USER_ID, req.getAttribute("user_id"));


      After user_id is set in login, when we request for other pages we check for

      (String)session.getAttribute(SessionConstants.USER_ID)!=null, if this check passes, it works.


      If someone can give clue of what changed in ColdFusion11 can help us troubleshooting this. Any help is appreciated.