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    Let me explain this situation it is unacceptable


      About 3 months ago, I made a call to a Korean service center in order to register a creative cloud on sale for students.(I assumed it was November.)

      The price was about 16400 won and I thought it would be cheaper than previously enrolled ones(single app: Indesign, Illustrator and so on..)

      So the staff answering my phone requested me to cancel those single apps and register the creative cloud in another account. So I followed his statement right after I heard. So I believed that it would work well. But last week, I realized when I started on an illustrator app, the notification screen appeared that explains 5 days left. It was automatically transformed into test version(free). So, I complained this morning but a staff said we sent you an email about automatic change into free use because of an error of the card I used. I rechecked the email I received and notification was too simple to understand the content.(it states that your automatic purchase was stopped and creative cloud will be transformed into test version. ) At that moment i firstly saw this comment, I mistakenly understood that single apps of my previous account are not available anymore and I agreed with it because I canceled them by myself. Anyway it is obvious that the card I used has been working well and my family including me has never canceled a monthly use of this card. But the Korean service center attributed this fault to us and if you want to continue using apps, make a purchase for current price: 23100 a month. I would appreciate you reply me as fast as possible.