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    Non Unicode Asian characters problem - LOCKED


      This is a modified query I posted in the Indesign forum, but apparently  have the same problem in Photoshop.


      I have a manuscript that uses old Korean characters that are non Unicode in a font called NanumBarunGothic YetHangul.  These characters appear to be combinations of Unicode characters within the font, so when I place the Word file into Indesign I end up with not 1 non Unicode character but 3 Unicode characters.


      The sample below done in MS Word shows the highlighted character I need (unicode 110B, 11A2, 11C1):

      Jejueo Sample1.png

      If I copy/paste or place or type in the character in Indesign using Adobe Paragraph composer or Japanese composer, or in Photoshop I get this:


      If I turn on in Indesign World Ready composer I get this:



      Does anyone know how I can get Indesign or Photoshop to display the correct character like I can in Word?  And I do not know Korean so using the Korean versions of the Adobe software is not really an option for me.  I'm using Windows 8, Adobe CC 2016.


      My only option right now is to type in 3 individual unicodes and kern and adjust height spacing (green character below), which I really do not look forward to doing for all the old Korean characters that are non Unicode.



      Thanks in advance for any help.