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    Adding OMR to Merged PDF file

    Nate NoodleBerry

      Okay so to keep it as simple as possible here is my problem and my logic to solve it.


      I use a program that exports all my Invoices to one PDF file of about 168 pages, let's say. Within those pages are several 1 page, 2 page, and 3 page documents. My software that is supposed to add OMR marks does not recognize enough text and therefore will not add OMR marks. The solution given by the software engineer was to change the font from calibri or arial to Times New Roman. This cannot be done at the invoice program and requires I run OCR in adobe and change the font, which seems too problematic given the OMR software should do that.


      The other proposed solution to the problem was to use another OMR software and have the envelop stuffer manufacture calibrate to recognize the new OMR.


      My Solution: run a script in Acrobat that puts a "watermark" in a location given a certain parameter. For Example(pardon my lack of code knowledge) I would suspect something around this logic would work but I don't know javascript language.


      If logo(can maybe use color hue as reference like 'if hue=hex#') at (x,y) = true;

      add line from (x,y) to (x,y) on current page and at (x,y) to (x,y) on previous page.


      As you can see I don't write code HAHA, but I think for as simple as it looks it could solve me a lot of headache and save me money if there was a way to implement this type of script to my PDF file.


      The logo is only on the first page of the invoice, in the same spot and same colors.


      Anyone have suggestions while I start learning JavaScript?