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    No subscription Photoshop?

    NLundgreen Level 1

      Hello, I'm a poor student that can't afford paying every month just to use photoshop, but I've been using photoshop previously at my school and I really like to be able to use a good photo editing program. I've just noticed that the creative suites is no longer available. Is there really no way for me to get photoshop from a one time payment legally? Really hope someone knows a way to get Photoshop legally without having to pay the rather expensive subscription fee (very expensive when I only want the one program )


      Thanks in advance and best regards

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi nlundgreen,


          Please check with Adobe re-sellers in your area for the Adobe Photoshop CS6 version for purchase.




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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The Creative Cloud Photography Plan seems like it would be great for you. $10 a month for Photoshop and Lightroom.


            Photoshop CS6 is $700 for Standard and $1000 for Extended if you can find it. It's not being updated and sooner or later will fail on updated operating systems.


            Lightroom and Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan

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              NLundgreen Level 1

              I think the 10$ is a bit too much since I just use photoshop like a weekend each month.
              But I can see some places I can get photoshop cs6 alone for 25 $, so I think I'll go for that if I can get it to Denmark for that price

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                Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                You can get Photoshop Elements 15 for a one-off payment of around £45 (UK), which may suit your requirements:


                Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (PC/Mac): Amazon.co.uk: Software

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                  tmyusuf74 Level 3

                  Hi This is Yusuf from Dhaka I read your problem very much. I have a one solution if you are Asia men so please contact the Software store. Where the Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud sell for low price.

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                    Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

                    I think you probably mean well but it is dangerous to refer OPs to these third party resellers. These sites look very legitimate and seem to offer great prices but they are not Adobe authorized and generally are using trickery to get a sale. With these companies they usually are offering a single seat on a volume licence for sale. What they do is buy fifty or so licences from Adobe or an authorised reseller and then sell on one of their licences to the un-expecting buyer. The buyer does get the right to use the software but owns nothing as the licence is held by the seller. For the same reason you cannot register your product or get technical support. Another trick used is to sell a copy that will expire and stop working after a couple of years as it was intended for distribution by schools and colleges for fixed term courses. Finally these resellers sometimes just sell cracked versions of the software laced with malware. All in all it cannot be a good idea to buy from these websites.

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                      gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      One other thing about volume license copies, there is no deactivate option. You can't move it to a new PC without contacting the seller who is long gone.

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                        Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

                        Sorry Mohit but I had to remove this as a correct answer. You may not have received the press release yet, but Adobe has formally discontinued CS6 globally and it is not available from any official distributor. We cannot suggest to an OP to buy from third party sources where piracy is so common place.

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                          NLundgreen Level 1

                          hmm, I did buy it from a seller of ebay after Mohit said I should try an adobe reseller. The seller said it's an authentic key, but now I wonder if it's even legal after what you have written what you have. Any idea how to check my cd key and what I should do?

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                            Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional


                            First thing to do is get Adobe to check the serial number is authentic and valid. Go to the chat option in the link below and ask the tech to confirm Adobe issued that serial. Also ask if the product is currently activated. This is necessary because it is perfectly possible to sell the same serial multiple times, but it will only be accepted when you load your software if it is not already in use.

                            Contact Customer Care


                            Don't panic yet though, just confirm that your software is valid. Another thing to consider is that if you have bought something second hand , even if the serial is valid, you will not be able to register it with Adobe unless you and the seller have filled out a transfer of ownership form.


                            If it does turn out your software is pirated then eBay do have some protection in place with a Money Back Protection Scheme

                            eBay Money Back Guarantee


                            They can however be difficult over software. If you read the link you will see the criteria for a refund


                            Buyers can use the eBay Money Back Guarantee when:

                            • They don't receive an item
                            • They receive an item that doesn't match the listing description


                            To me pirated software counts as an item that doesn't match a listing description-but I'm not a lawyer. If you have bought something pirated it will be important to contact eBay as soon as possible.


                            Hope this helps.

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                              Eternal Warrior Level 4

                              Just to echo's Terri's point CC would actually be more cost effective in both the long and short term.


                              I also really prefer Photoshop over most other Image editing programs.


                              Whilst I would encourage you to go with CC Photography package - Not only because you get Photoshop but also Lightroom and Bridge - Which is reason enough in my book. I understand from my student days the joys of being relatively poor.


                              You may find that programmes like GIMP  https://www.gimp.org/  are a good starting point till you can afford Photoshop.


                              I will again point out however - partly so Adobe doesn't kill me - but also because it's true - that I don't think programmes like this are as good as Photoshop.


                              AND of course you wont get the benefit of all the additional programmes and add-ins... that the photography package and its relevant software... provides.


                              Just my two cents