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    'Edit in Place' not working correctly when Camera is active


      Hi there,


      I've noticed an issue with the new Camera feature today and wanted to ask the community whether I might just be too blind to see the obvious solution, or if I'm incorrectly interpreting this to be an issue.



      For the sake of exemplifying the issue lets picture this: Camera feature activated. Main Scene view with 2 layers and a slight camera zoom applied.

      -Layer 1: Graphic Symbol 'A', identical to the Background Image of Layer 2

      -Layer 2: Background Image 'B'



      Upon entering Graphic Symbol 'A' (Edit in Place) the reference points seems to get shifted and the previously perfectly aligned A & B are now in seemingly random positions to each other. 'B' appears to maintain it's position and size, but 'A' appears to shrink and get moved around.


      If I deactivate the camera feature prior to entering 'A' everything is working as expected and I get to edit the symbol while it is still perfectly aligned with 'B'.



      Is this meant to work like this? Am I missing a setting for the camera feature that could prevent this shifting of positions? Generally speaking it's not a big effort to turn the camera feature on/off before editing, but I'm curious as this had never been an issue for me before (using VCAM).