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    Mac Pinch Zoom in AfterEffects


      One of the features in AfterEffects I use more than anything, but notice the least out of all of them, was the pinch-zoom and two-finger scroll. I'm not sure if you can use these features on PC but if you've got a trackpad on your Mac, you've probably become just as dependent on this feature as I have. You can not only scroll and zoom on your preview, but you can scroll and zoom on your timeline as well, which is just the stuff dreams are made of.


      But for some reason in AfterEffects, this amazing, intuitive feature has been removed/altered in the last 2 updates! I just installed the latest one this morning and the feature remains unfixed. I mean, you can still zoom on the preview but it just zooms in and out of 0,0 rather than centrally and certainly not where you put the cursor like before. And yes, the scroll works in the timeline, but the zooming isn't!

      This feature isn't replaceable before you tell me to just use '+/-' instead. This is sacred.


      My perfect resolve to this question is for someone to tell me there's a checkbox I need to go tick buried deep in the preferences somewhere.



      If not:




      Thank you