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    Flexlib:TreeGrid - Text is not fully displayed.

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      I have a datagrid containing a tree like structure which allows the user to see the dependences and to collapse/expand the parent items. The datagrid has been built using the Flexlib:TreeGrid component. Data are well populated in the grid. However, the problem is that the texts in the column containing the collapse/expand icon are, at random, not completely visible. They are truncated at the top and bottom of the texts. At the first rendering of the grid, texts would aldready be truncated. And when the user scrolls up and down the grid, the texts would get truncated randomly too.


      I have tried to change the row height of the grid and the font size of the texts but the defect are still there. Have anyone experienced the same issue or do anyone have a clue as to what could cause that defect?


      Thank you in advance.


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