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    Once published, my layout's not aligned on all break points?! help?


      So this is my first time using muse, and i've watched many tutorials on how to set it up.


      So I decided on buying a template to use, with fluid width applied on 320, 550, 768, 960 & 1200 breakpoints.


      The template layout setting's for the text was set at fixed centre (pin to page) and 'none' ticked for Resize. So I used the same for my text as I would want it centred anyway. And i re-designed my layout appropriately to each breakpoint. (changing the size and placement ect.) Also with pictures i manually use the measurement grids that come up to align images with equal spacing.


      This is where i'm confused, if I have a set of four images that i want aligned 2x2, what do I pin the images too (fixed centre)? Do i group them first and then pin? but for each breakpoint individually? As it seems once published nothing is aligned and it makes no sense on any of the sizes.

      The same with the text, it has a mind of its own.


      I'm wondering if anyone has come across this before, and how they solved it?

      On muse itself the design looks exactly how i want it, but the published version is driving me crazy.


      Hope someone has the answers to save my insanity




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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi danielleg,


          Many things could go wrong when you are using a template. Without seeing your website, it is hard to figure what could be going wrong. My suspicion is that there is custom HTML code in the template, or an unsupported third-party widget that is preventing your site from being properly displayed in a browser.


          If it is possible, I suggest getting in touch with the template developer, and checking about the issue.