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    LR mobile previews change color after 3-finger-tap


      I have a problem in LR mobile that seems to be related but somehow reverse to the camera profile issue discussed here: LR Mobile changes RAW file color 


      What I observed is that both thumbnails in grid view and full-screen previews in LR mobile (Android) consistently look slightly dull with a greenish tint. Zooming in or loading develop tools doesn't change anything. BUT upon releasing a 3-finger-tap OR upon changing any develop setting the image is being refreshed and changes to the "correct" colors, i.e. more vibrant and less greenish. After going back to grid view, the same dull thumbnail appears. Returning to the full screen preview shows the dull full screen preview again, which will again magically regain its colors after 3-finger-tap.


      This is an example of a dull preview:


      And this is the same image after 3-finger-tap:



      I have set the camera profile to "camera standard" in the calibration tab in LR desktop. The supposed solution posted in the thread mentioned above is that LR uses the Adobe RGB profile instead for displaying smart previews, which would explain the dull images in my case. However, LR mobile does seem to be able to apply the "camera standard" profile, but it only does so after 3-finger-tapping or changing develop settings. Is there anything I can do to see the same version of an image in all viewing modes? This is very annoying, especially if you use LR mobile for presentation or culling.