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    On Mac was using Magic Mouse, On PC now using basic Mouse... What about something like G900 Chaos Spectrum?

    Brad L. Level 1

      My basic Dell mouse needs to be upgraded. I have a tablet and sometimes use it but prefer a mouse for most of my AE work. I am looking for more precise control, better ergonomics, a few extra buttons and side scrolling. One other issue I am hoping can be overcome is something I call bounce. When you are working fast and you set some value and release the mouse button and move away, the keyframe or the value in the box changes as if you had not released it quick enough. It drives me crazy sometimes. You have to slow down and be very deliberate on the release of the mouse and that causes more fatigue in your wrist and hand over time.


      Any other recommendations if you think the G900 is overkill or not good for the job.





      Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wired or Wireless Gaming Mouse