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    Right Justify is not retained after close/open?


      When editing text areas using Acrobat XI Pro, I can change the shape and size of the text area, and then Right Justify to align the text where I want it, and it's all good, it works as expected. However (even after saving) once I close and reopen the PDF, all text areas are back to left justified! This does not affect the look of the text, because the actual size of the text area has changed so that the text is still where I aligned it (using right justify), however, it is now left justified.




      Screenshot:  On the left you can see that the text area is the width of the red rectangle, and the text is right justified. I save, close, and reopen the file and the text stays where I placed it, however the text area size has changed and the text is now left justified. The same is true of center justify as well. Is there a way to actually hold the text area size and right justify setting that I am missing?

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          No. This is not a property of the PDF: there is no such thing. It's a property of your text editor tool at that moment.  This was redone completely in the current Acrobat, but I doubt this could change.

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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            Acrobat is not a word processor or a desktop publishing application. You have to forget about most of the things you know from those applications when you use the editing tools in Acrobat. What is now the editing tool used to be called the Touchup Text tool, which described the purpose of the tool much better than what we have now: It's meant to do small touch ups, and not something that should replace your word processor. In this case, Acrobat will format your text in a certain way, but all it does is to put it on the page in the correct location. It does not save anything about how it was formatted. When you go back into the editor, you start from scratch.


            If you want to make more serious changes - beyond a simple touch up - go back to your original document in MS Word or InDesign or whatever application you've used to create it, make the changes there and then convert to PDF again.

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              hillsider Level 1

              Thanks Test and Karl... that's not what I wanted to hear, but it's very helpful to know.