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    No Canon lens correction in CS 5.1?


      Hi community,


      a few days ago I took some photos using my new lens (Canon 16-35mm 1:4 L) and wanted to edit them in PhotoShop.

      When I started my PhotoShop CS 5.1, Camera Raw does open first. There is an option of lens correction available, where both my camera and lens are listed, and the correction works fine here.


      When I am finished in Camera Raw and/or open the file in PhotoShop, it displays the info of my camera and lens in the lower corner of my screen - means, the programm seems to have realized it. When I open up "filters" and "lens correction" (hope these are the right translations in English), I can choose from Apple, Nikon, Sony etc, but Canon is not even listed there.


      Using the "online search" does not work, neither.


      Is this a general problem with this version, or what could this be? I cannot imagine that the whole Canon system should not be supported by PhotoShop.

      Is there anyone else who knows about this issue?