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    InDesign Complex Book Numbering


      I have around 20 InDesign documents, all with a 4 tier Paragraph numbering system. eg

      2.0 A heading
      2.1 B heading
      2.1.1 C heading Body Text

      In some cases, I need to swap the order, eg

      2.0 A heading
      2.0.1 C heading

      This all works fine until I import these document into a book and define a list that allows numbering to flow from one document to another. The result is ....

      2.0 A heading
      2.1.1 C heading

      There should be a 0 in the middle not a 1.

      This problem only occurs when I have defined a list and added the documents to a book. If anyone could offer a solution that would be much appreciated.

      Paragraph Numbering settings are as follows 

      A heading =  ^#.0^t      level 1 


      B heading =  ^1.^#^t     level 2 


      C heading =  ^1.^2.^#^t     level 3 


      Body text =  ^1.^2.^3.^#^t    Level 4 


      PS. Apologies if this isn't very clear, it's a hard scenario to describe.