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    How to put stroke on only two sides


      Hi all,


      As I have previously posted, I am self-taught on Photoshop and am perplexed as to how to do something.  I think the answer is probably easier than it seems, once someone explains the proper steps.


      I design my own baseball cards, as a hobby, and would like to put a stroke on only two sides of an image.  How would I go about doing this?


      Here are examples of an actual card from 1987, which I am trying to duplicate in style, and what I have so far:


      ACTUAL FRONT 1987 Topps AllStar Cal Ripken.jpg1987 Topps AllStar FRONT Frank Thomas.jpg


      Please note that the Cal Ripken picture has a white border on the right and top sides - that is what I am trying to "duplicate" (please ignore the black bar at the top of the Frank Thomas photo on the right that could be mistaken for a border . . . it is due to the size of the image, which has not yet been corrected).


      I am thinking it somehow involves duplicating layers, etc. to do what I hope to achieve, but I need someone to tell me exactly what to do step-by-step.


      Thanks in advance for any help!