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    Gimp preset will not open in light room 5


      I down loaded Gimp 2 and set it up as a preference in the external editor in light room 5 but when I try to transport a photo to gimp the screen opens and wants to load the whole gimp program over again. Gimp is already loaded because it will open in the desktop location.

      i have tried several times , even allowed it to re install gimp but still will not open from light room.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Just a thought-

          Check you have the external editor preferences pointing exactly to the Gimp program file.

          If you have selected an alias or shortcut or a pre-loader, then you may see the problem you are having.


          This is often a problem for people with Photoshop Elements for which the preferences have to point directly to the Elements "Editor" (and not Photoshop Elements.exe)


          I have not used Gimp for a long time!  Some programs have an option to only allow one instance of the program to open- check all the preference options in Gimp itself.

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