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    HELP!!! Problem with CF8/MySQL/ & Flex


      I am using Flex with CF8 & MySQL in the back-end. I've also used CFC wizard to create my CFCs. Here is the problem:
      1) In Flex, I use the DateChooser control to allow a user to select a date to make an entry. For example, I use the date chooser and select Oct. 11th 2008. This is the date that gets passed to ColdFusion. Using ServiceCapture, I can check and see that the date is indeed Oct. 11.

      2) In the Gateway CFC, I do a quick dump to a PDF and output the date. Here I see that the date is changed to Oct. 10th, 2008. For some reason, it is always the preceding day.

      So I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the date changes. Thought it would be a timezone issue (server located elsewhere), but that doesn't seem to be the problems. Open to any ideas/solutions.

      TIA -
      Chris Martinez