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    Creative cloud: You've been signed out - impossible to log in

    samyc1739937 Level 1

      Hi everybody,

      Since yesterday it is impossible to sign in the desktop CC app. An error message says "You've been signed out" Impossible to identify your ID, try to reconnect with your Adobe ID... (message translated from French).

      When I hit sign in it has no effect, it stays on the the same screen.

      Now I have error messages for my installed apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc...)

      I have downloaded the latest version of Creative Cloud Desktop and I tried to reinstall but it didn't work.

      I tried to uninstall and it didn't work neither (Applications are used by CC...)

      I tried to follow the process deleting the content of the OOBE folder without success neither!


      This is my tool, I am stuck.

      I am on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3, Creative Cloud is up to date