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    Import Google Drawing into Photoshop CC as .svg

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      I'm trying to import a line illustration I've made in Google Drawings.


      https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1RuyvLdYib64yB_2UqRFDqnjuOlqerhTXtnmJP-gApnI/edit?usp=s haring


      I have a template PSD Photoshop file, and the dimensions of the Google Drawing are very close to that of the Photoshop template.


      Preserving the ability to edit the individual elements of the file, i.e., the lines and dots, is important.


      The Google Drawing can be exported as a PDF, PNG, JPG or SVG, and I'm assuming SVG is the way to go.


      I'm not clear on how is the best way to import the SVG into the Photoshop template doc I have.


      I've tried importing as a smart object, which seemed the best approach from what I've read on the support forums, but that didn't leave the individual elements editable.




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Doug


          Do you have any other Adobe apps?  Photoshop is only going to see the file as a raster, but the svg does load as a vector in Illustrator.  You can move, copy, transform etc. the lines and dots in Illustrator, but the text is no longer Type, but individual vector objects.  You could easily select and delete a lumber of text objects, and make new type layers though. 


          If you only have Photoshop, I think your options are reduced to painting over items you want to edit, and making them again in the new position or whatever.

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            Thanks, Trevor.


            I dont have any other Adobe apps, but was under the impression that Photoshop could bring in an SVG as vector. So thanks for clarifying. I'll probablyneed to recreate it.