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    Relative paths for linked files in Photoshop cc 2017

    isadora3 Level 1

      Complaint: I am soooo sick of relinking every single broken link every time I move the location of my photoshop files.


      Question: Is there a way to place linked files in Photoshop as relative links instead of absolute links?


      I'm looking for any of these:

      - Option (built into p-shop) where I can specify linked files to be "relative" instead of "absolute"

      - Script that batch relinks broken links when you point it to the location of a folder that contains all the linked files (like in InDesign)

      - Plug-in or extension that does either of the above


      My situation:

      I share my Photoshop files with other designers and developers and keep all my links in one folder, but I often have to change the location of that folder. This works fine for InDesign and Illustrator because you can batch update the path to your links, but in Photoshop you have to painstakingly go through every single linked file and relink it.


      What I know so far (and why it doesn't work for me):

      I know you can package the photoshop file before sharing it, or link to cc library graphics instead of files, but those options aren't compatible with my company's workflow. The IT department requires us to save all our files on servers that frequently run out of space, so I end up moving files to my dropbox to work on them without interruption, then moving them back to the server when there's space available.


      My wish:

      For Photoshop linked files to work like InDesign and Illustrator linked files (relative path, batch relinking, links panel).


      A little help? Anyone?