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    Vector Images: File Declined - Technical Error

    ArtzyDog Studio Level 1

      I am new to Adobe Stock and I don't understand the following explanation:

      Thanks for giving us the chance to consider your vector. Unfortunately, during our review we found that it contains one or more technical issues, so we can't accept it into our collection.

      Your file has one or more of these issues:

      • Your vector file contains a raster/bitmap image, and vector files must not contain raster elements.
      • Your JPEG preview file has been compressed too much, so textural problems have occurred in the file.
      • Your JPEG preview resolution must not be less than 5,000 X 3,000 (15 million pixels)
      • You didn't use anti-aliasing when exporting your vector file to JPEG, so there are problems with lines on the JPEG file.


      I submitted 3 identical vector files but of course different designs. All related to the same theme, 1 file was approved and should be ready and available in the Adobe Stock marketplace in the next couple of days but the other 2 files, I get this explanation for being declined?

      Can anyone please explain this to me?