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    Blurry Photos recurring on EXPORT in Indesign //

    jean-michaelt81400308 Level 1



      I'm having this insane blurry issues when high-res when I create an interactive PDF out of indesign. It continually happens and always happens after I've finished creating a document and am trying to submit it. The blurriness is like a virus that just comes and goes when it pleases.


      I have DISPLAY PERFORMANCE > HIGH QUALITY - checked and under PREFERENCES > DISPLAY PERFORMANCE > I have "preserve Object-Level Display Settings" NOT checked and I have DEFAULT VIEW "High Quality"


      My images are always a larger pixel count, then the bounding box I place them in, and then I check fit content proportionally.


      I have NO IDEA why my page counter logo will not become high res.


      The EFFECTIVE PPI is 581 // ACTUAL PPI is 72 - WHY THE F?! WON'T it become high res, the images is 500 x 220 and the image box I've placed it in can't be more than 100 x 50 pixels.


      It always looks fine in the document, and then the export is blurry.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.29.59 PM.png


      Please advise anyone.