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    Several formatting problems with Cordova/ Phonegap in Visual Studio


      Good morning,


      Currenty I try to make an app with Cordova in Visual Studio.

      But I face some problems and I really don't know how to solve them.


      When I launch the app on mobile devices in the ripple emulator everything look ok. (left img)




      But the same app looks totaly messed up when I run it on Windows64. (right img)

      The position of the buttons is totaly different and the slides are way to small.


      A second problem is that the img path for android and windows seems to be different.

      If I want to insert an image for windows I have to use ../www/img/220px-Muesli.jpg and in android I have to use ../img/220px-Muesli.jpg.

      Is that normal, and if yes how can I detect if the app is launched in windows or in android? I can't find different css or js files for the different platforms.

      I try to "call" my image in the img folder from a file in templates (see picture below), but the folder structure seems to be different when launched in windows.


      My last question I already asked HERE

      But there no one was able to give me an answer.

      So why all this happens? Did I install it wrong (if that is possible in Visual Studio)?

      Sorry, I just started to learn Phonegap.. if you need more information please just ask.

      Thank you