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    SimSum font for Simplified Chinese NOT working in InDesign CS6 for Windows.

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      I work for a large public agency that hasn't migrated to InDesign CC yet. We use CS6 for Windows. Am trying to lay out a version of a fact sheet in Simplified Chinese, importing text from a Word .docx file with the font SimSum. InDesign shows only question marks when I try to import the text, even though Windows' Font control panel shows a version of it is loaded. I don't even get the option of Find Font. INDD simply won't accept the text.


      Where can I either download a Chinese language filter or an InDesign-compatible version of the font?

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          Is Simsun included in IDCS6's list of installed fonts?  It should be down near the bottom in the [un-labeled] section for Simplified Chinese fonts.  On my Win10/CS6 system it is near Adobe Song Std, which is bundled with ID; does that one work?    How about MingLiU (bundled with Windows) in the section above?


          You might try moving a sample Chinese paragraph of your *.docx file into a Unicode *.txt file, perhaps by cut-and-pasting into Notepad, and then bringing that into a new ID file; Notepad will remind you to Save as Unicode to preserve the character codes, and you should use ID's "Place" instead of cut-and-paste.  Then apply one of the Chinese fonts that ID knows about.


          Simsun has been compatible with InDesign for many years, and regular old English-language IDCS6 can use it out of the box.

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