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    What filetype do I use to create an external file that multiple swfs can all call to and edit?

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      TL;DR: See title.


      Hello all,


      I'm currently using Animate CC to export layers to swfs as I'm sending those swfs to be layered around a video screen.  I need a degree of automation that is better than a loop.


      The aim is to synchronize a cartoon character's animation and world(settings, overlays, other characters) across multiple swfs while any of the swfs themselves are able to change the variables in the external file.   I plan to use a random number generator to start a character's action; like a blink, for example.  The external variables are meant to be a multiplier for a loop that, over time, steadily increases the chance that a scene will end the loop.  Once the loop is ended, I'm looking to alter the character's state to a new animation 'standing' (so all of the individual swfs can now read character.State = "standing"; that starts the "standing" animation)  Once complete, it will change the state to "stand".  That kind of thing.


      I'm a complete newbie with AS3 but I don't know if using javascript, or AS inside another swf will lead to a dead end and I've already spent a lot of time getting nowhere.  I mentioned everything I plan to do in case I'm thinking of this whole thing incorrectly.


      Would really appreciate some guidance and thanks for your time.


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