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    The Very Basics!


      I bought Lightroom 5 a few months ago, and I cannot figure out how to update the catalog (or is it a library?) that presently exists when I first got Lightroom opened. I later discovered some errors in my C drive (I placed the photos in the wrong place), and then I corrected it using Windows Explorer. But I cannot get Lightroom to look at my new arrangement of pictures. Very frustrating.


      The Lightroom package I bought was just the disk; no instructions whatsoever. I bought the Tony Northrup book LIGHTROOM 5 TRAINING for PHOTOGRAPHERS, but it is no help at all. I poked around many of the menus but I get totally lost. I tried Adobe's site to try to get help, but I get totally lost in their incredibly vast website; it apparently has no place where one can contact a real live human being; it just refers you here and there to video tutorials (which I can never follow), and to this discussion. So I am throwing out this plea -- SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!! -- to try to get some help.


      Is there a book of some sort that I could buy that helps a dumbbell like me start and navigate through this program? It needs to be a very basic book; I am not familiar with many of the terms used - like CATALOG vs. LIBRARY. See how basic I am? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!!