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    PSE re-install problems after HDD issue


      I am having problems getting Photoshop Elements 11 working again & reconnecting to my Catalog after an HD problem & a re-install.


      A Summary of the problem:

      I was running PS Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 successfully on my Toshiba desktop and on my HP notebook (both running Windows 10).

      I had the programs installed on both machines and the data on an External HDD. (I set up this way so that I could work on my Catalog from either of those machines.)

      Then I had a problem with the HDD on my HP notebook earlier this year.

      That has been resolved, but I needed to re-install Photoshop Elements 11.

      I did this from the Adobe site (using my Serial Number when asked), as I don’t have a DVD drive on the notebook. It seemed to download and install correctly

      The program appeared to start correctly, but failed after I tried to direct it to my Catalog (which I have on an external HD).

      After several attempts, now it does not try to start at all. I tried to Un-Install, to see if re-installing might get it working, but no success.

      Strangely PS Elements seems to have “disappeared” from my desktop too. I can’t figure that.

      Prior to these problems, I had not tried to use PSE on either machine for some months because of other commitments as well as realizing I would need to reinstall on the notebook, but it used to work faultlessly.


      Support cannot help me with this older version of Photoshop Elements.

      I have thousands of images, and a large amount of work creating albums & tags is at stake.

      MY QUESTION:  If I upgrade to PSE 15, will Support please help?  I think I need them to log in to figure out the problem.