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    Accessing My Project Between Devices

    Valcor Rising

      So I have been enjoying this app a lot it has been fun to use and it has reignited my passion for drawing. The only issue that I can't seem to figure out is how to continue on a drawing that I started on my iPad and open it on my phone and draw with it.


      I have downloaded the creative cloud app on both my iPad and my phone and the only thing I am able to do import a static image layer of my sketch, and not actually interact and edit it individually. I don't even see it in my projects window. Is this a feature that is availble with the App or am I missing some kind of step?


      Thought it might be useful to mention that at home I use my iPad, and I use my Google Nexus6P outside of home.


      If there is some kind of way to do this can someone please tell me how!!


      Thank You very very much!!!!

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Edward,


          You can absolutely work on your projects/files across all your devices.

          You just need to save your work on Adobe Cloud before closing the app on any device and make sure that the work is synced successfully over the cloud.


          Let me know if that helps!




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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Valcor.


            Sheena is right. Generally you just have to make sure your work is syncing to Creative Cloud in order to see it on all your devices, but I suspect the problem you're having is because you're on iOS and Android.


            Right now there is not feature parity between the Android and iOS versions of Draw. So that people don't lose any of their work, the product teams have made it so drawings created on iOS will not open in the Android version of Draw (although, my iOS projects show up in Draw for Android, although not in Sketch or Comp, I just can't open them). In addition if you open your Nexus 6P work on your iPad you will no longer be able to open it on your Nexus.


            I know this makes things difficult and the teams are working on compatibility/parity. Let me know if you need any further information; it can be confusing when you're using both mobile platforms.