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    Cataclysmic error when Loading C4D exports


      So as most any C4D user will tell you, you are able to export the footage in an After Effects file and load that as a composition into AE itself. however with the 2017 update I can no longer load C4D exports into the program. Is there a work around? I cannot import the footage directly as the timing is ever so slightly off and it seems the composition retains all quality and velocity. I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Importing an AEC doesn't do anything other than what a conventional import couldn't do, so no, you are mistaken. It has no magical power. If there are timing issues, check your footage interpretation and comp settings. Other than that I have no solution to your issues, since this is Maxon's responsibility, anyway. They will have to provide an updated plug-in.