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    Paint Bucket Tool Fills Everything Instead of Particular Area - How to Solve?

    MrKnowledge123 Level 1

      I just had the newest version of Photoshop CC, and I wanted to continue the work I did on an .svg picture that was saved as a .png file from a previous recent version of Photoshop. The file is a world map, and I filled in some countries already. I personally like to fill in countries on world maps in my spare time according to a certain theme. However when I tried to fill in a country with a color using paint bucket, instead of just filling in that particular country, it fills the entire map - except the countries that I've already filled in, strangely.


      I thought it might have been an issue of it being a .png file, so I tried the paint bucket tool to a fresh .svg file. The paint bucket still fills up the entire map rather than just one country. What's going on? How can I fix this? This didn't happen in the older version of Photoshop that I had.


      Here are the files if any of you wanted to test it:

      Country by Predominant Religion.pngBlankMap-World6.png