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    How best to use Lightroom between a team?




      Hope someone can advise! We are a small travel company based in Scotland and Ireland. We have 6 people in our marketing team across the 2 countries. We use imagery a lot (45K images). Currently we have Lightroom on an external drive in our Scotland office that is passed between each person to connect to their Mac and upload/download images. We also use online platform Smugmug to share images with our clients and also with our colleagues in Ireland.


      We really want an online digital asset management solution that each of us can access concurrently. We'd like to import our Lightroom library into this online platform - including structure, tags and rating.


      We've looked at a few online solutions such as Libris, Bynder etc. But nothing seems to offer exactly what we need and also they re v expensive for a small team.


      Can anyone suggest something we re missing?


      Thank you!