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    Deploying an AIR app

    theLoggerGuy Level 1
      my appologies for cluttering up this fine forum with legal stuff, but my boss wants to know if we can deploy a Flex/AIR app from a CD or DVD. Seems like a fairly innocuous want, but the snippet of the license agreement I have attached below ( Section 2.1.1 (a). (B). ) seems to suggest that an app can only be deployed from my web-site. I know the chances are slim, but does anyone know if I can deploy my app from anywhere other than a web-site?


      *** Flex license agreement ***
      2.1 SDK Components.
      2.1.1 License Grant.
      (a) SDK Components. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Adobe grants Licensee a non-exclusive, nontransferable license to (A) use the SDK Components for the sole purpose of internally developing Developer Programs, and (B) use the SDK Components as part of Licensee’s website for the sole purpose of compiling the Developer Programs that are distributed through the Licensee’s website.
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          matt_chotin Level 3
          Yes, you can deploy. In this case you would be under (a), you are developing a Developer Program which you are entitled to deploy however you like. The (b) section is for when you use the Flex SDK as part of your own website (basically as a process as part of application logic) to build apps. What we mean to prohibit there (and let me note that this should not be construed as binding legal advice from Adobe) is using the SDK to build Flex apps for other folks which they can then distribute (as-in, don't be a large-scale hosted compiler).
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            theLoggerGuy Level 1
            Thanks matt_chotin