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    Gpu Not available - After Effects CC 2017


      Hello Everybody.
      I Am Really new to this whole thing and i bought an A7R2 Camera today.

      I Filmed a video with it, and when i went into after effects (For the first time in my life) i noticed that it's working over my Cpu and not over my Grahpic cards

      What's making this very hard and even impossible to start editing or doing anything with the software.

      For the Record I'm using 2 Graphic cards on Crossfire of Radeon R9 290X Water Cooled & i7 4770k Cpu.

      To let you know i Have updated my AMD Drivers to the latest firmware Drivers so it's up to date.

      I Have seen many tutorials about this matter when i searched for a fix over google.

      All of the tutorials were pointing at 2 files that are in the destenation folder of AE CC 2017, And it said to put the names of my Gpu Cards in there.

      So this software would know and recognize my Graphic cards.


      One document called

      And the other called


      Of curse i followed the instructions step by step like all the tutorials described,

      My cards named in GPU-Z, GPUSniffer & Device management "AMD Radeon R9 200 Series"

      And this is the text i inserted to those documents, But it fail to work.

      Still getting the same problem.

      I'm really really desperate and i would love to get some help and your advice.


      Thank you very much!