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    mac pro - 24 gb ram vs 48 gb ram - adobe cc indesign, illustrator, photoshop, acrobat

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      bought the 2xmac pro 6 yrs ago

      1.  3 x 8gb = 24 gb ram ram - faster config as per apple

      1066 mhz ecc ram ddr3


      mechanical HD but pretty fast


      cpu = 2.8 ghz quad core intel xenon


      2..other mac pro is twin except less ram 3 x  4gb recently added 4th stick ram for new total of 16 gb



      about to upgrade from macOS 10.9 to 10.10 and adobe cc 2015 to 2017

      looking for an cost effective speed bump  -

      higher end mac does about 50% photoshop

      poorer sister does about 50% in design


      would it it make sense to install the 3x8gb ram in the poorer sister and then buy/install 3 x 16 gb ram = 48 gb ram in the richer sister ?


      both mac pros get more ram that way - apple had a real hard on to keep 3 sticks of ram in each mac so as to maximize performance


      as always your opinions are appreciated