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    Some, Not All, Popups Excluded From Output

      I have been experiencing an issue that has me baffled. When I add a new popup to a new or existing topic, it previews just fine. When I output to WebHelp or Flashhelp, it (the popup file) is excluded from the output. I have tried

      I have been rearranging the organization of my files in Project Manager recently, but nothing that I feel would have caused this. I had several important topics buried 3-4-5 levels deep in the hierarchy and was trying to break these out. I was dragging and reorganizing from within Project Manager.

      The link to a non working popup appears as follows:

      If you are not able to find what you need here, our <a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('Common_Popups/RS_Contacts.htm');"
      id=a1>Customer Service Team</a><robohelp><script type="text/javascript"

      Things I have tried thus far:

      Creating a new file to which the popup refers
      Checking for topic level or other build tages
      Deleted the hyperlink refering to the popup and recreating
      Created a new popup file, and a new parent file, and a new hyperlink.

      Robo 7, Vista, all files locally stored and output, 2GB ram.

      When uploaded, I click on the link to the pop up, and my computer clicks clicks clicks and I see that it is looping attempting to load the popup.

      Other popups, not recently added work fine. I use popups and image maps A LOT so I am a bit frantic.

      Again, it previews just fine. The file to which the hyperlink/popup refers is just gone from the output. Thanks for any help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Brian

          Drawing from a bit of distant memory here. Back when I was in the corporate world (I was catapulted into unemployment in early 2004 and am now self employed) I had a fairly large project consisting of many many files and a gnarly folder structure. I saw what you are seeing now. Certain popups would fail. DHTML would also fail. I found that in my situation, it seemed to help things if I kept the popups in the same folder as the topic linking to them.

          While it wasn't my preferred way to work, it was at least a workaround. I don't believe I ever did manage to sort why it failed. I just know that once I rearranged the relationship, it worked and I was happy.

          Just pondering out loud... Rick
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            BrianRS Level 1
            Thank you.

            To test for this, I reorganized a sample topic so that the parent and the popup file were in the root of the project. Same result I am afraid.