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    Lightroom won't import photos, loses them when card is ejected



      I've searched online but of the many problems people have with importing and losing photos I can't find the exact issue I have described anywhere.


      I imported a bunch of photos to Lightroom. A while later I developed some. A while after that, I went back, and the photos were all marked missing.


      I followed the instructions online to locate missing photos. The last location Lightroom gives for the files is the memory card. But when I insert the memory card and try to import the files from there, everything is greyed out.


      I don't understand how the only location for the photos can be the memory card, yet Lightroom can claim they don't need importing. If they don't need importing then I should be able to work on them without the memory card inserted. I've read various threads about how people typically encounter problems because they moved their files outside of Lightroom but I can assure you I have only been working in Lightroom. What's going on?