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    After Affects can't overwrite file Premiere is using

    Matt Chandronait Level 1

      Hey all! I used to be able to have AE and PR open at the same time, my finished render sitting in a Premiere timeline. I'd then go make changes in AE, render and replace the file, go back to PR and it would refresh in the timeline. Now AE gives me the "Baaa!" (I HATE THAT SOUND SO MUCH) and says it can't overwrite the file because its in use. Now I have to go into the exports folder, delete the original and cut and paste the correct name and then alt+tab to PR and it will refresh as expected. Feels like 2012 all over again.


      I recently switched to a PC from a MacBook, so is this an OS-level issue or is there an Adobe setting somewhere I've forgotten about?


      I've searched the forums, so for clarity's sake: this is NOT an imbedded composition in my timeline. This is rendered footage.