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    Remove "transparency grid"




      I am trying to remove the transparency grid so that when I save the image there is no white background that automatically takes it's place (I am trying to make a logo, and in doing so, I can't have a white background behind my logo; I need my logo to have nothing at all behind it).


      And, I have tried to 'disable' the grid in the settings, but to no avail (there still is a white background that shows up as soon as I save my image).


      Any help? Thanks!

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          postrophe Level 4



          Are you Saving as PNG with transparency ?



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            Nashorn101 Level 1

            No I am saving it as a JPEG image; however, I did not know that there was a 'save with transparency' feature?


            Thanks for your response!

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              postrophe Level 4



              You're welcome.

              JPEG does not have "transparency".



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                S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                Hi. I'm afraid the transparency grid isn't the basis of your problem getting that white edge when saving for transparency. The issue is about what format you're using to save. JPEG can't have any transparency. GIF and PNG 8 can have transparency - but no translucency. Pixels are either turned on, or turned off. If you created your image, even on a transparent background, your softer (anti-aliased) edges are going to try to find a pixel color (the default for that is white), or it's going to give you hard, pixellated edges.


                If you want TransLUCENcy, where it fades into the background, you'll want to choose to Export your image as a PNG 24. In the new File>Export>Export as dialog, you'll achieve this by selecting PNG as the format at the top right of the screen, then make sure to have Transparency turned ON, and Smaller File (8 bit) turned off.


                If you use Save for Web - Legacy, the PNG-24 option is at the top right of the window.


                Hope that helps.

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                  italosan Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi! As some user already told you, JPG is a format that doesn't allow any kind of transparency, so, it doesn't matter how do you set your PS, a JPG file will ALWAYS have a background.


                  There are many file formats that will allow you to keep a transparent background, you can choose one of them according on the kind of job you need to do. PNG, GIF, PDF, TIFF are some of them.

                  For general images, I'll advice to use PNG.


                  Here's how to do it:

                  • when create your file, please mind choosing "background contents": transparent
                  • Use a RGB color method, otherwise you won't be able to save it as PNG
                  • When saving your file you can "save for web", "export" or "save as"
                  • If you just "save as" you won't have any problem it will automatically save it with transparent background, otherwise make sure that "transparency" option is enabled


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                    Nashorn101 Level 1

                    Thank ya'll very much for your help!


                    I did figure out how to have no background by saving it as a PNG file.


                    However, even when I followed @italosan's exact directions and 'Saved for Web' and selected PNG-24, the pixels remained choppy (non anti-aliased). Which isn't a very big deal!


                    Thank ya'll. :-)

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                      Nashorn101 Level 1

                      Oh wait never mind, it did keep the anti-aliasing. Thanks!

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                        S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

                        YAY! Now THAT makes sense!