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    Cannot replace footage

    jeff-7117 Level 1

      I am trying to use the Replace Footage Command in After Effects and I'm running into issues trying to replace .ai and .psd files.  If I highlight a psd file and use the Replace Footage command, I can replace the file with any other file, as long as it's NOT a psd or ai file.  The psd and ai files are greyed out, and I am unable to click them.  I DO have All footage files selected in the import tab, and the files I want to use are greyed out.  If I enable ALL FILES, I can select and import the .ai or .psd files but I get the following error:  "After Effects error:  the file format module could not parse the file. (45 :: 35)"


      I am running After Effects on OSX 10.11.6, Mac Pro, 5,1


      I have tested this with AE CC2015 and everything works as it should.  I have also tested this with After Effects on Windows 10 and everything works as it should. 


      Has anyone run into this issue with OSX and the most recent update of After Effects?