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    Font Bug in Flash...fonts reverting to system default

      Maybe I am doing something stupid...you never know.

      I typically use a shared lib to embed, then link fonts. I have SEVERAL flash files that have suddenly started to do this. Fonts that ARE embedded and ARE linked to shared lib swf...suddenly stop working and I get a font in parenthesis (which I named and embedded) with 'System Default" Even when I re-embed and TRY to re-select the new font, it keeps reverting the the bad system default.

      If I open a NEW text box it will let me use the RE-embeded font. If I try to change the font that won't release it self from the "system default" version...it will let me...

      But all the fonts that are in the file already have suddenly changed themselves. I was cutting and pasting buttons into other files using the same linkages, and everytime I pasted the button into a new file, the font automatically changed itself the the system default.

      I tried everything I know. I turned on the preferences to warn me if a font is missing...and cutting and pasting these buttons into a new file (that somehow won't recognize the correct font)...THE WARNING is not triggered...though the font will turn into a system font...

      I am at a loss..and there is NO WAY to repair this in my files without re-creating them all over again fonts., which is quite impossible.
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          Mario Mey

          I know this is an old post, but I have a big problem like this.


          I have my web page built in CS3, I used Anna font in static text. I used this font well, no problems. Now I am with CS4, and Flash can read the font well... inside Flash (editor, not player), it shows it in italics (this fonts doesn't have italics), and there is no way to use in regular. If I turn to another font and then, turn back to Anna, neither. And sometimes, automatically turn to Times or another. BUT... sometimes (I don't know how), Flash reads the font. But the static text that doesn't work will never work. And the other yes... AND I CAN MIX BOTH TEXTS IN THE SAME MOVIE! They have exactly the same attributes, but one is working and the other isn't. You can see it in this capture (note that Anna only has Regular Style)



          You can see the page working in http://www.mariomey.com.ar and the now exported with CS4 in http://www.mariomey.com.ar/main2.swf (look all the fonts, it looks the same in Flash editor).



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            I don't have any solution to Mario's problem. We have the very same kind of issue at my work. Manualy embeded static fonts will default to system at one point.


            Still searching for a solution.