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    Reactivating Adobe CS4 on my iMac OS Lion?


      I purchased the student version from Adobe a few years back for CS4 and I own the disks. I installed the Suite back then and it worked fine. Recently, I made a clone back up (Super Duper) of my internal hard drive to my external hard drive, also making it a boot disk with the Lion OS on it.


      My internal hard drive crashed. I had a new internal hard drive installed and I installed Sierra OS. I realize CS4 will not work on Sierra. However, my CS4 will no longer work on my cloned boot external drive with Lion OS on it where it copied the CS4 Suite to. For example, when I boot from my external hard drive and when I click on Photoshop CS4, I get a dialogue box stating, "Could not open a scratch file because the disk is not available." When I click "OK" another dialogue box states, "Could not initialize Photoshop because the disk is not available."


      I looked at all of my disks and do not see a serial number on any of them.


      I cannot open any of my CS4 applications or files. Please help.