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    Masks Not Drawing Correctly and Mask Manipulation Not Working




      I've had this problem for quite a while now, and I'm absolutely fed up by it. Every time I draw a simple mask on any layer, solid, footage whatever, it will not allow me to create a proper bezier curve while drawing the mask, it just created a super tiny one that I can barely even see. AND to make matters worse, when I try and manipulate the mask that is drawn, I can't even rotate it when I've double clicked on it, it just scales it instead of rotating it. I do a lot of mask manipulation on a daily basis for ROTO to Animation so this is crucial for me and is driving me insane. Anyone have any advice?


      PC Info: 6 core 3.4GHZ

      64 GB RAM

      (2) GTX 780 SLI on and off (doesn't matter)

      Windows 7

      AE - Latest update, but have has issues with the past years worth of updates.


      Video Capture of Issue: ScreenCapture0006_1 on Vimeo