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    Adobe Stock Free Trial - Sham


      Like many I got suckered in by the "risk free". After I have downloaded my 9 images I decided to to cancel my account but to my surprise it did not show up in my account plan. I thought perhaps, since it is a free promotion there is no plan and I had 10 images to download within a month.


      This week I logged in to make sure my annual Adobe Muse subscription payment went thorough when I noticed Adobe stock in my plan window and that I was billed for 6 month, completely unknown to me.


      9 FREE images cost me over 200$


      I contacted your outsourced support center, and of course I was offered to pay the cancellation fee or take the 2 month free promotion and keep the plan. They cared little for the fact that I was not able to cancel the plan during my first month because there was no plan to cancel.


      I searched for resolution and found Adobe Stock Free Trial and many many many more topics in regard to this borderline scam.


      I am simply shocked that a respected company that hires some of the most talented people in the industry a house hold brand would sink so low as use such dirty sales tactics.


      I care not for the months that I was already billed or that fact that I have over 50 unused images in the adobe stock that are of no use to me. I simply want a company to do right by me. I request my Adobe Stock plan be canceled and cancellation penalty waived. I am not looking for refunds or further hassle and time wasting. I simply want the product I never intended to purchase be removed without any penalties.


      I am very happy with my Muse product, I am a teacher and use it mostly for volunteer projects to promote small businesses and events in my town. I want to continue to use adobe products but I do not wish to be treated so poorly. If you can not fulfill my request I will take my business somewhere else come next billing cycle.


      Thank you and have a good day.